Ingredients: bee propolis, Altai shilajit, beeswax, linseed oil, medical petroleum jelly, anhydrous lanolin, vitamin E, fir essential oil.


Propolis ointment with shilajit is used as an adjuvant in heal of ulcers, herpes, seborrheic eczema, pyoderma, psoriasis, fungal dermatitis, colds (improves the condition of the skin, promotes healing, relieves pain).


Indications for use:

Hard-healing sores and wounds

Seborrheic eczema




Fungal dermatitis




Mode of use: For skin diseases, propolis ointment is applied with light massaging movements to the affected areas of the skin or around them 2-3 times a day, for colds it is applied in the neck and chest.


Net weight 47 g.

Propolis ointment with shilajit 20%


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