Ingredients: propolis, beeswax, anhydrous lanolin, medical vaseline, palm oil, linseed oil, vitamin E, vitamin A.

Propolis ointment is intended for external use. It has a wound healing, antipruritic, analgesic effect.

Indications for use:
Hardly healing wounds and ulcers
Eczema (inflammation of the surface layers of the skin of a neuro-allergic nature)
Seborrheic eczema
Pyoderma (pustular skin lesion)
Boils of the ear canal (turunds with ointment are inserted into the ear canal)
Middle ear inflammation
X-ray, radium and solar radiation injuries (procedures are carried out daily for 10-12 days)
Fissures of the rectum and hemorrhoids (gauze napkins with ointment are applied)
Postoperative wounds in patients operated on for rectal fistulas, etc.
For cosmetic purposes, massaging movements are applied to problem areas of the skin 2-3 times a day.

Propolis - has anti-inflammatory, wound healing, antipruritic, bactericidal, bacteriostatic, deodorizing and antifungal properties.
Mink fat - helps restore the skin's lipid barrier, increases metabolism.
Flower pollen - has nutritious, tonic, anti-inflammatory properties.
Lanolin - allows you to make the skin soft and supple, and also enhances the regeneration of its new cells.


Net weight 47 g.

Propolis ointment 3%


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