Composition: homogenate of wax moth larvae-3%, flower pollen-2%, beeswax-7%, anhydrous lanolin-4%, lecithin-3%, linseed oil-15%, peach oil-10%, coconut oil-28% , pumpkin seed oil-7%, palm oil-8%, medical petroleum jelly-10%. propolis-1%, vitamin E-2%.


Nourishes, restores, rejuvenates, protects, fights age-related skin changes.
The vital products of wax moth larvae contain proteins, vitamins, trace elements.
Propolis aqueous extract has a bactericidal and calming effect.
Peach, palm, and pumpkin oils increase the life span of human cells.
Flower pollen is rich in protein. vitamins, amino acids and therefore has excellent nutritional, tonic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Method of use: externally 1-2 times a day every other day, the course takes 10 days, is carried out 1 time per month as a massage.


Net weight 45 g.

Ointment with wax moth larvae homogenate


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