Licorice is a perennial plant, characterized by low-branched, erect stems. For the extract, plant roots are used in the production.

Dry licorice extract is highly soluble in glycerin, water and alcohol. It is a loose powder with a characteristic aroma.

The extract has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects, it is a stimulator of water-salt metabolism that is recognized in cosmetology and medicine.

The extract will help in cases of chronic constipation, catarrhal diseases. The product rejuvenates the skin, normalizes the water-salt balance, soothes and softens the dermis. Suitable for all people without exception, the main thing is that there is no personal intolerance to the product.

Dry licorice extract in cosmetics:

Prevents the appearance of microbes;
Stops the appearance of age spots;
Prevents the production of melanin and has whitening qualities.
Eliminates edema and irritation, relieves inflammatory processes of the skin;
Glyceric acid, which is part of the composition, is a unique surfactant and has anti-inflammatory effects;
Detergents are suitable even for sensitive skin without irritating it;
Due to the fact that licorice extract has a regenerative effect and activates the immune properties of the skin, it is part of anti-aging products;
Natural antioxidants and phytoestrogens anti-aging effect on the skin;
Numerous collagen fibers are formed;
Effectively stops the appearance of new wrinkles;
Moisturizing and biostimulating properties that actively affect the subcutaneous layers;
Makes cleaner enlarged pores, regulates sebaceous glands;
Removes redness, relieves irritation;

It is a therapeutic agent for skin diseases - dermatoses, acne, etc.

Recommended % of input:
from 2 to 5% - handmade soap;
from 4 to 7% - micellar water, creams, tonics, lotions;
from 8 to 10% in serums and masks.

Net weight 25 g.

Licorice Dry Extract 100%


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