Green tea extract is a powder of yellow, brown and beige. It has a characteristic delicate and pleasant aroma. Lumps may be present in the product structure.

The main active elements in this product are caffeine, xanthones and tannins. The extract is known for its unique antioxidant qualities. Due to the presence of increased amounts of caffeine and some polyphenols, the substance is a potent destroyer of free radicals. The extract helps to fight against the manifestations of aging, strengthening the skin, making it supple and supple.

Recommended % of input
from 2 to 5% - handmade soap;
from 4 to 7% - micellar water, creams, tonics, lotions;
from 8 to 10% in serums and masks.


Net weight 25 g.

Green Tea Dry Extract 100%


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