Ginkgo biloba extract is a popular product made of the leaves of this plant. The product is presented in the form of a yellowish-green powder with has a characteristic aroma and bitter aftertaste. The composition of the substance contains ceric acid, complex carbohydrates, organic acids, bioprays, vitamins of various groups and other trace elements. The product is highly soluble in water and glycerin.

The extract improves microcirculation, has anti-cellulite, tonic, cleansing, anti-aging and antioxidant effects. Contraindications: personal intolerance.

Recommended % of use:
from 2 to 5% - handmade soap;
from 4 to 7% - micellar water, creams, tonics, lotions;
from 8 to 10% in serums and masks.


Net weight 25 g.

Ginkgo Biloba Dry Extract 100%


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