The concentration of royal jelly in dry matter is 8% (in "native expression" - 20%).

Royal jelly is an amazing and phenomenal beekeeping product. It helps to weaken nervous strain and physical fatigue, improve sleep, appetite, memory, working abilities, strengthens the resistance to infection, increases overall vitality, improves well-being.


Pros of adsorbed royal jelly:
1) retains almost all the useful properties of native royal jelly;
2) stored in sealed bottles at room temperature for 2 years or more, without losing their qualities (i.e. it does not need to be kept in the refrigerator constantly);
3) since royal jelly adsorbed in the form of granules, it is more convenient to use (3-6 granules under the tongue).

Net weight 8 g.

Dry royal jelly (granules) 8 g.


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