Composition: working bees brood (dry) - 8%, beebread - 47%, lactose - 41.2%, glucose - 3%, calcium stearate - 0.8%.

The concentration of homogenate of bee brood in dry matter - 8% (in "native expression" - 25%)

Indications for use:

to improve the immunity of mother and baby;
to increase tone and prevent chronic overwork;
in the postpartum period to improve lactation;
to restore the mother's body after childbirth;
during pregnancy to maintain a balance of vitality;
with neurotic disorders and postpartum depression;
with diseases of the endocrine system (hypothyroidism),
in cases of erectile disfunction,
in the treatment of female and male infertility,
with menopause
to improve metabolism


Net weight 14 g.

Dry bee brood homogenate 14 g.


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