It is used as an adjuvant:

With hemorrhoids, royal jelly heals damaged tissues;
With age-related colpitis;
Anti-inflammatory agent for uterine neck erosion
With cystitis;
With bacterial vaginosis;
With urethritis, cystitis, prostatitis, colpitis is used as restorative therapy.
With sexual disfunction

Royal jelly is a unique beekeeping product. This highly nutritious product and its restoring property is known to almost every person. Royal jelly accelerates the process of tissue regeneration, restores microflora, reduces dryness and promotes the healing of mucous membranes. In combinations of royal jelly with other substances, a mutually reinforcing effect of their action is observed, which gives reason to expand the indications for their purpose.


10 sticks * 2 g.

Cream Sticks with Royal Jelly


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