Chaga dry extract is a well-known phytoproduct. Most often, it is used to prepare infusion and decoction of birch mushroom, if it is not possible to obtain raw materials.

The product perfectly preserves the biologically active compounds contained in the fruit body of a birch fungus:

Betulin and betulinic acid;
Mineral elements (zinc, silicon, manganese, potassium, etc.);
Organic acids (including argic);
Monoterpenous and other trace elements;
The main active ingredient is tannins (at least 5%).

So if you do not have the opportunity to purchase plant materials - it does not matter. You can buy dry chaga extract and prepare medicinal preparations on the basis of the finished phytoproduct.

This product has a wide spectrum of action. In particular, powerful anti-aging and genoprotective properties. In addition, it has the following medicinal properties:


Recommended% input: 0.1 - 2% of the total mass.


Net weight 25 g.

Chaga dry extract 100%


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