Common questions and answers

How we process your order

​​Upon receiving your order, we give it to work. As soon as the order is fully completed, it is sent by courier to the national postal company, sent, and you get a tracking number. We never send tracking numbers immediately after payment. If you received a tracking number, it means that your product is already directly at the disposal of the postal service.

How we accept payment

​​Our store is a PayPal system client and he went through all the necessary verification steps from this payment system. We do not cooperate with any bank card transaction processing system. Our store works only through the PayPal system, and your purchase will be sent to the address indicated on your PayPal system profile.

How we deliver

​​We deliver your purchases worldwide only by airmail, all our shipments are sent properly packaged and have tracking numbers that you can track using various means. Usual delivery time is 7-12 business days, depending on your location.

Our security principles

​​We do not collect or process any personal information, we do not save data about your transactions and the history of your purchases. Our site does not even have the possibility to register.

Our return and refund principles

​​Despite the fact that our products are not among those that are subject to exchange and return within the prescribed time, we always strive to satisfy the needs of our customers and are ready to consider all your situations. We will definitely consider the issue of exchange or return of goods if you received it in a damaged condition, or you mistakenly ordered something wrong.

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